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When Mr. Quevedo and Ms. Gongorina find an old diary full of ramblings of an old writer, they're not sure if its real or just fiction. They soon realize something darker may be at work behind the scenes as they're unable to stop thinking about a certain vampire...

A trail of clues leads them to Inkless Keep where the sinister Count Esdrújula's masterplan is coming to fruition, creating nightmares that latch on people's minds slowly and unstoppably forbidding the creation of new stories.

Believing that this could be the very end of imagination itself, they get ready to fight the forces of darkness... Or perish trying! Help them through their brave adventure and free humanity's collective mind of the tyranny of imagination!

Lyrical Nightmares is a 2D-platformer with a focus on arcade mecanics centered around a literature theme. It's a pretty straightforward game where your main objective (alone or with another player) is eliminating all enemies on screen and recover the key to the next floor.

With a cute and stilized art-style they explore Inkless Keep, a place anchored at the fringe of reality, where anything is possible. Armed with their feather quills, they must show their mastery of letters and destroy the threats creating a new story to be told!

The control scheme is simple. We currently only suppport keyboard for both players.
Here's a cheat sheet with all the controls available to the users:

We are a group of friends who've recently began an adventure as game developers. Initially created for GameJam game development, the studio is steadily increasing in size and currently boasts a diverse group of programmers and artists of different walks of life.

Lyrical Nightmares created for GameJamTopia 2019 by:

Isabel Soler Chorro (@Isabel_y_lapiz)
Mario Cucurull Cárcel (@Mario40000)
Rodrigo Puig Cabrera (@RodPuig)
Daniel Ferreira Baltà (@Danferb)

From Madness Factory (@MadnessFactory)


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Lyrical Nightmare (Windows, V1.0.3) 53 MB
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Lyrical Nightmare (Mac, V1.0.1) 55 MB
Lyrical Nightmare (Windows, V1.0.0) 50 MB
Lyrical Nightmare (Mac, V1.0.0) 55 MB

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